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Youth Education Award Program

Sponsored by: Garden State Equine Veterinarian Dentistry, Amelie McAndrews DVM

This program is designed to broaden equestrian education outside of the competition arena. Youth members through the age of 21 have the opportunity to be recognized for continuing their education by participating in various programs offered by ESDCTA, USDF, USEA and other organizations/activities. Assigned credits are earned upon successful completion of activities listed in one or more of the three designated tier levels summarized below. Each activity carries a certain credit value. ESDCTA-sponsored events are of higher value and are planned throughout the Club’s region to ensure all members have the opportunity to participate in as many activities as possible. Members are required to participate in at least 3 Tier 1 activities for each award level. Online courses, webinars, clinics and seminars are among the various educational formats offered.

  • Tier 1 – ESDCTA sponsored activities
  • Tier 2 – Activities sponsored by USDF, USEA, USPC, 4H, Dressage4Kids
  • Tier 3 – Other activities not listed in Tier 1 or 2 (may need approval by Youth Committee prior to attending)

Members are responsible for maintaining a record of credits earned by completing a Proof of Participation form for each activity. The Activity Log form can be found here. Most activities require the signature of the activity’s coordinator and members should print the form and bring it with them to the event if applicable.

Recognition Levels of Achievement:

  • Certification of Recognition • 50 Credits
  • Prix St. Georges • 100 Credits
  • Intermediare • 150 Credits
  • Grand Prix • 200 Credits

For 2020, recognition credits may be earned from November 1, 2019 through October 31, 2020. All credits earned are cumulative. Once the total number of credits reaches a level, a member may submit for an award while continuing to earn more credits toward the next award level. For example, a member receives a Certificate of Recognition for 50 credits earned the first year of participation. In the next year, the member is required to earn only 50 additional credits to receive the Prix St. George Award. An Activity Log Sheet is available on our website to track the number of credits that a member has accumulated.

Members are responsible for maintaining the Participation Forms and mailing all forms along with a copy of their Activity Log Sheet by the deadline, November 1, 2020 to qualify for an award in 2020. Unclaimed credits may be applied to the next award season. Award recipients will be recognized at the Annual Awards Banquet.

Send Participation Forms & Log Sheet no later than November 1, 2020 to:
ESDCTA Youth Committee,
c/o Stephanie Warner
2204 Whitehorse-Hamilton Sq. Rd
Hamilton Sq., NJ 08690

Accredited Activities by Tier Level

Tier 1

  • ESDCTA Youth Fix-A-Test Clinics (per clinic) • 10 credits
  • ESDCTA Youth Pilates Clinic (per clinic) • 5 credits
  • ESDCTA/Skylands Saddlery Lecture Series (per lecture) • 5 credits
  • Block of 8 hours of volunteering at an ESDCTA sanctioned dressage show • 5 credits
  • Block of 8 hours of volunteering at an ESDCTA sanctioned horse trial/event • 5 credits
  • ESDCTA/USDF Continuing Education Program (CEP) (per day) • 5 credits
  • ESDCTA Webinars (per webinar)
  • Any other ESDCTA Sponsored Educational Seminars (per day)

Tier 2

  • USDF Convention Educational Sessions (per session) • 1 credit
  • USDF National Symposium (per day) • 4 credits
  • USDF FEI Jr/YR Rider Clinic Series (per day) • 4 credits
  • USDF e-Track In-Depth Study Programs available through the USDF website • 2 credits/topic
  • USDF e-Track Quick Study Programs available through the USDF website • 1 credit/topic
  • USEA Young Rider Clinic (per day) • 4 credits
  • USPC Quiz Rally at the Regional or National Level • 5 credits
  • USPC Annual Meeting Workshops (per workshop) • 1 credit
  • USPC – Passing the Horse Management Test of Any Rating or Rating-Up Specifically in the Horse Management Specialty Rating • 5 credits
  • Dressage4Kids Weekend Educational Program (per day) • 4 credits
  • Dressage4Kids Youth Dressage Festival with a 90% or more in the Written Test Phase • 2 credits
  • 4H – Horse Bowl at the State or National Level • 5 credits
  • 4H – Participation in a Presentation/Demonstration Competition at the State or National Level • 5 credits

Tier 3

  • Participation in Privately Organized Clinics • 2 credits
  • Pre-Approved event (credits determined at pre-approval by Youth Committee) • TBD