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Volunteer Requirements for Year-End Awards

We have updated to show the new changes for 2024!

How many hours are required?

Each Year-End Award requires eight (8) hours of volunteer time:

  • Dressage High Score Award – 8 hours per award
  • Eventing High Score Award – 8 hours per award
  • Dressage Medal – 8 hours per medal
  • Dressage Seat Award – 8 hours per award
  • Achievement Ribbon – 4 hours per ribbon (new in 2024 – was previously 8 hours required)

Exception – If you are applying for a High-Score Award and are eligible for a Masters Recognition Award, you do not need an additional eight (8) hours of volunteer time for the Masters Recognition Award.

NOTE: Volunteer time already being applied to High Score Awards cannot be applied towards Dressage Medals or to fulfill volunteer requirements for Teams, Grants or Scholarships.

Earning volunteer hours  (New changes in 2024!!)

  • Hours can be earned by volunteering at ANY ESDCTA-recognized event listed on our online omnibus/ calendar (or time spent doing other approved activities such as writing articles, being on the board, being on a committee, etc).
  • (New in 2024) Volunteering for a FULL DAY at one of these ESDCTA-run events: the Memorial Day Weekend show, Summer Days, ESDCTA Horse Trials, ESDCTA Championship Show, Turkey Trot at NJHP  will double the hours earned. If you volunteer for less than 8 hours (such as 4), they still count towards year-end awards or grants but they are not doubled.
  • Volunteer time must be from the current show season and be earned between November 1st and October 31st of the year for which you are applying for a Year-End Award.
  • Volunteer hours are cumulative throughout the show season and need not be earned at one show or while performing one activity.
  • Volunteer forms must be signed by the activity or show’s organizer and include the activity name and date, volunteer name, and the hours worked.

What if you can’t volunteer?

  • Volunteer hours are transferable from person to person.
  • Volunteer hours can be earned by people who are not ESDCTA members and can be transferred to an ESDCTA member.
  • If for some reason, you are unable to fulfill your volunteer requirement, ESDCTA offers a “buyout” program. For each hour needed to fulfill the requirement, you may buy the additional hour(s) at a rate of $10/hour (payable to ESDCTA, Inc.). Payment must be received by the awards chairperson by the year-end awards deadline of November 15 of that year.  Visit the Buyout Page to learn more.