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USEA Advanced Young Rider Program

The USEA Young Riders program is designed to offer support for event riders of all levels, ages 21 and under, by communicating available educational opportunities such as camps, clinics, course walks, etc. and providing a pipeline of qualified riders in each Area to field teams for the following competitions:

  • North American Young Riders Championship
  • Young Riders National Championships
  • European Young Riders Championships

The program is coordinated by Area and is managed by the Area’s Young Rider Coordinator(s). Most ESDCTA youth members are in Area II.

Each Area Young Rider program is divided into two sub-programs: Young Rider (YR) and Young Rider Advancement Program (YRAP).

Young Rider Program (YR)

The YR program focuses on developing and fronting riders and horses for the North American Young Rider Championships each summer. The targeted youth riders for this sub-program are:

  • Riders 14 – 18 competing at Preliminary/CCI
  • Riders 16 – 21 competing at Intermediate/CCI

There are many fundraising activities that everyone is encouraged to support to develop/help field teams to the NAJYRC.

Young Rider Advancement Program (YRAP)

The YRAP focuses on providing lower level young riders with the education and skills they need to progress through the levels and eventually into the ranks of the NAYRC.

In addition to USEA membership, additional fees apply to become part of the USEA Young Rider program. Contact the USEA Area II Young Rider Program Coordinator for more information.

ESDCTA offers its youth members educational grant opportunities to support many of the programs offered by the USEA Young Rider Program.