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Special Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award

To be awarded to an ESDCTA member who has exhibited an extended period of service toward the advancement of equine sports through his/her involvement in local and national equestrian organizations.

  • Nomination to include examples detailing nominee’s lifetime contributions to the equine community as a whole.

President's Award

To be awarded to an ESDCTA Board member who has exhibited dedicated service above and beyond the requirements of the position they hold on the Board. This award recipient is chosen by the current President.

Volunteer of the Year Award

To be awarded to two ESDCTA members – one for Dressage, one for Eventing –  who have earned over twenty-four hours of volunteer service at ESDCTA registered shows, events and sanctioned activities.

  • Nomination to include examples of how nominee has shown flexibility to the needs of the show or event and how his/her pleasant, cheerful attitude has been a good example to others.

Sportsmanship Award

To be awarded to an ESDCTA member who has exhibited selflessness and helpfulness toward others within the ESDCTA community.

  • Nomination to include occasion(s) and example(s) of nominee’s kindness and sportsman-like behavior.

General Information

  • Any ESDCTA member in good standing may nominate a candidate who also must be an ESDCTA member in good standing.
  • Award recipients will be chosen by ESDCTA Board members (Exception: True Grit Award to be chosen by the current ESDCTA president).
  • Nominations must be postmarked no later than November 5th.
  • General awards will be presented at the ESDCTA Annual Awards Banquet.

How to Submit a Nomination

  • Send an email to [email protected]
  • Include in your nomination:  Your name, address, phone number, ESDCTA number, award name, nominee’s name, address and telephone number (if known), and examples detailing why you have nominated this person.
  • Send your nomination by the date indicated in the request.
  • Awards will be presented at the annual banquet.

Direct questions to the Awards Chairperson as listed in the newsletter.

Nominations to be sent to the Awards Chairperson postmarked no later than November 5th.