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Dressage Youth Team Selection Criteria

ESDCTA sponsors team(s) of 3 to 4 riders to attend Lendon’s Youth Dressage Festival and the USDF Region 1 Youth Team Competition. Entry and stabling fees are paid by ESDCTA and team members will also receive an ESDCTA team polo shirt. All other expenses such as lodging, transportation, etc. are the obligation of the competitor. Additional fundraising to help defray these expenses are encouraged.

Selection criteria used for all dressage youth teams sponsored by ESDCTA:

  • ESDCTA member in good standing, age 21 or younger;
  • Volunteer at least 8 hours at one or more ESDCTA events during the qualifying period. These hours may not be used to fulfill any other ESDCTA volunteer requirements. Submit signed volunteer form(s) with the team application;
  • Submit at least 3 scores in qualifying categories from 3 different judges at 2 different shows (schooling or USEF/USDF licensed) listed in the ESDCTA Omnibus.

Qualifying Categories are:

  • 2019 USDF Introductory Tests A and B
  • 2019 USDF Introductory Test C & USEF Training Level Test 1
  • 2019 USEF Training Level Tests 2 and 3
  • 2019 USEF First Level Tests 1 through 3
  • 2019 USEF Second Level Tests 1 through 3/FEI Pony Team/Individual
  • 2019 USEF Third Level Tests 1 through 3/FEI Junior Team/Individual
  • 2019 USEF Fourth Level Tests 1 through 3
  • FEI levels excluding FEI Pony/Junior Levels. FEI Young Rider/Individual tests will be considered the equivalent of FEI Prix St. Georges.

LYDF Team Qualifying period is June 17, 2020 through July 19, 2021
USDF Region 1 Youth Team Qualifying period is May 18, 2020 through May 18, 2021

**Riders must be an ESDCTA member at the time the scores were earned. Note: Scores from the equivalent level eventing tests may be used to qualify. If necessary, median scores will be used to rank applicants applying for the same level. The applicants’ highest scores will be used to break any tie. A rider may compete on a different horse from the one on which the qualifying scores were received if the horse can compete at the same level (or lower). Two riders may share a horse provided that they are not on the same team.

All applicable forms can be found on the Forms page.

Send application and volunteer form(s) via mail, fax, or email to:
ESDCTA Youth Committee,
c/o Stephanie Warner,
2204 Whitehorse-Hamilton Sq Rd.
Hamilton Township, NJ 08690
[email protected]