Program Description & Committee Members

lendonsESDCTA is committed to developing its youth members into knowledgeable, competent and responsible horsemen. Our organization believes that sportsmanship is built by fostering the virtues of respect, patience, courage, good temper and unselfishness. ESDCTA sponsors various mounted and unmounted activities for youth members aged 21 years and younger including clinics, workshops and team competitions. As affiliates of the U.S. Dressage Federation (USDF) and the U.S. Eventing Association (USEA), ESDCTA promotes youth member participation in educational and competitive opportunities provided by these organizations at the local, regional and national levels. Furthermore, ESDCTA encourages youth members with a strong desire to delve deeper into the areas of horse management and specific riding disciplines to explore the many opportunities offered through the U.S. Pony Club (USPC) program.

Youth members are encouraged to develop their abilities by participating in ESDCTA-sponsored activities through its volunteer program. Additionally, youth members are welcomed to become active contributors to ESDCTA’s newsletter and website. By volunteering, members gain many useful skills such as critical thinking, communication, problem solving, fundraising and commitment. Volunteers are vital to the successful operation of our Club and many of the youth opportunities sponsored by ESDCTA require a certain number of volunteer hours in order to be eligible for participation.

ESDCTA celebrates the accomplishments of its youth members at the Awards Banquet normally held in February of each year. Event and dressage riders are recognized at each level through achievement ribbons, high score awards and the medal program. Members are also recognized for expanding their knowledge through the Youth Education Award Program, which is described in more detail further in this section. More information on year-end awards can be found here.

morgan-heritageThrough its Grant Program, ESDCTA is able to provide funding for education and competition opportunities to qualified youth members. Please see Grant Programs or our Omnibus.

ESDCTA is seeking individuals who would like to become involved with its Youth Committee. For more information or further details on ESDCTA’s youth program, please contact one of the Youth Committee Co-Chairs listed below.

Youth Program Booklet (on the Forms page)

Youth Committee

Stephanie WarnerChair