LYDF Grant

{LYDF Canceled for 2020 due to the pandemic}

In addition to sponsoring teams, the ESDCTA Grant Program provides 2 grants in the amount of $250 each to encourage youth members to participate in this wonderful experience. Funds can be used to defray LYDF expenses such as entry fees, stabling fees, transportation costs, or purchase of required reading materials. For more information about the Festival go to

Grant applicants must meet the following LYDF qualifying requirements:

  • One score of 55% or higher for dressage riders or 45% or lower for eventing riders from any USEF, FEI or USEA test of the level, or higher level earned during the qualifying period. Score must be earned from a USDF “L” graduate or any licensed USEF or FEI dressage judge. Previous LYDF competitors are automatically eligible to enter at the same level or lower.
  • Rider must submit a copy of the front page of the test with the entry form if applicable.
  • FEI age rules apply, i.e. riders may participate until the calendar year they become 22 years of age.
  • A minimum of 8 volunteer hours, 4 hours needs to be earned by the applicant at an ESDCTA Recognized event and 4 hours can be earned at an ESDCTA Registered show or gifted from another volunteer.  Preference will be given to applicants who have more ESDCTA volunteer hours.  These hours can not be used to fulfill any other ESDCTA volunteer requirements.  Copies of volunteer form(s) must be submitted with the application.
  • Must be an ESDCTA member for at least 2 years.
  • Include a letter of reference from a trainer, instructor or an individual considered to be knowledgeable in the discipline of dressage who is familiar with the applicant’s riding skills.
  • Include an essay explaining what you expect to gain from attending the Festival.
  • Following the Festival, write an article about your experience for the ESDCTA newsletter including photographs within 30 days after the competition (help is available from the Marketing committee in writing the article).
  • Since the LYDF Grants are generally funded by the proceeds of the silent auction, held at the Annual Awards Banquet, assist the Education Grant Chair or Awards Banquet committee in obtaining items for the silent auction.
  • Note: Youth members awarded the LYDF grant may not re-apply for the same grant for 3 years. LYDF grant recipients may not apply for an ESDCTA grant in the same calendar year they received the grant.

If for any reason a grant recipient is unable to attend the Youth Dressage Festival, they must notify the Education Grant Chair immediately so that another applicant may be chosen. A grant recipient unable to use the scholarship may reapply in future years.

Note: Riders may compete on a different horse from the one on which they qualified. A rider may qualify for two consecutive levels (divisions) with the same horse or any two levels (divisions) on two different horses.

The requirements for qualifying for the Youth Dressage Festival are incorporated into ESDCTA’s requirements and proof of same must be submitted with the scholarship application.

Submit your grant application along with all other required materials to the Education or Grants Committee, APPLICATION MUST BE RECEIVED BY MAY 15.