Burgundy Hollow Team Competition

jorgenolijslager-macSeptember 16, 2018
Northampton, PA


(Application can be found on the Forms Page)

A team consists of a minimum of 3 riders. Riders do not all have to enter the full HT; however, each team must have at least 2 scores, at any level, for each phase of a horse trial. The lowest 2 scores of each phase from each team will be added together to be the team score. The more riders a team has, the better the chances of having the lowest scores.

Level Dressage Test Cross Country Height / Speed Stadium Height
Intro 2011 Walk/Trot USDF Intro A 18″ / not timed 18″
Starter 2010 USEF BN Test A or B 2’0″ / not timed 2’0″
BN 2010 USEF BN Test A or B 2’7″ / not timed 2’7″
Novice 2010 USEF N Test A or B 2’11″/ not timed 2’11”

ESDCTA will sponsor a team of 3 to 4 riders by funding the Division entry for each rider. All other expenses such as transportation, optional classes, etc. are the obligation of the competitor. Team members also receive an ESDCTA team polo shirt. Riders must be eligible to compete under the rules detailed in the Prize List. The Prize List can be found in the ESDCTA Omnibus. In addition to these requirements, youth members who would like to qualify for the ESDCTA team must meet the eventing team selection criteria.

Due to the format of the Burgundy Hollow Team Challenge, ESDCTA will accept applications for members who would like to be considered for only the combined training portion of the event. In this case, members should submit at least two scores from combined training schooling shows held during the qualifying period at the Starter, Elementary, Beginner Novice or Novice level. Include your Jr/YR placing. Members who apply for the combined training portion will only be considered if the team is unable to be filled with riders applying for the full horse trials.