ESDCTA Volunteering Opportunities

UPDATED for 2021!

If you are:

  • looking to support ESDCTA
  • need to accrue volunteer hours
  • trying to save up enough Volunteer Bucks for the Championships or a Cross Country Schooling

then here is a summary of activities for 2021 that need volunteers and who to contact to sign up!


ESDCTA Recognized Volunteer Activities – Activities that can be used toward the 6 Hours Required for a Year-End Award, or for the 4 Hours Required for a Grant:

  • Memorial Day, Summer Days, and Championship & Open Dressage Shows – hours volunteered
    • Volunteer coordinator, set-up, scribe, ring steward, warm-up steward, bit check, runner, scoring, awards, stable manager, tear-down
  • XC Schooling at HPNJ – hours volunteered
    • Check in, out-rider or back field monitor
  • Horse Trials – hours volunteered
    • Volunteer coordinator, dressage ring set-up, stadium jump set-up, xc decorators, scribes, ring stewards, warm-up stewards for D, SJ, XC, bit check, runners, xc score collectors, scoring, cross country jump judges, timers, stadium jump crew
  • Turkey Trot – hours volunteered
    • Course marking, check-in, course monitors, course unmarking
  • Article for the Newsletter – 2 hours for each article
  • Organize a clinic – hours approved by the Board
  • Board Position – 12+/- hours, hours approved by the Board
  • Committee member (non-board member) – hours approved by committee Chair
  • Individual Activity (non-board member) – hours approved by the Board
    • Newsletter, Nominating, Show Results, Order Ribbons & Trophies, others
  • Awards Banquet/Silent Auction help (except time required for a grant) – hours volunteered
  • Recruit new members – 1 hour for each
    • Each new person or past member who hasn’t renewed in two years

ESDCTA Registered Volunteer Activities – Hours can be used toward Remaining Hours Required for a Year-End Award or Grant:

  • Volunteer at any ESDCTA Registered Show (shows listed in the Calendar) – Hours Volunteered, approved by the Show Secretary or Organizer

Additional Information:

  • If you cannot complete your volunteer requirements, we offer a volunteer hour buy-in program for $10/hour which can be used as ESDCTA Recognized hours for Year-End Awards.  Click here for Buyout info
  • Friends and family or other members that volunteer at an ESDCTA Recognized event can gift their hours to the member who is applying for a year-end award or Grant.






Memorial Weekend Dressage Horse Park of New Jersey  May 29-30
ESDCTA X-C Schooling Horse Park of New Jersey  June 8
Summer Days Dressage 1 and 2 USET Headquarters  June 29-30
ESDCTA X-C Schooling Horse Park of New Jersey July 3
ESDCTA X-C Schooling  Horse Park of New Jersey August 4
ESDCTA NJ Horse Trials Horse Park of New Jersey Sept 25-26 Carey Williams
ESDCTA Dressage Schooling Show and Championships Horse Park of New Jersey  Oct 16
The Turkey Trot Horse Park of New Jersey Nov 21 Gary Maholic
Work on any committee/event or
Educational activity
  Variable throughout the year Appropriate committee chair