ESDCTA Volunteering Opportunities

UPDATED for 2021!

If you are:

  • looking to support ESDCTA
  • need to accrue volunteer hours
  • trying to save up enough Volunteer Bucks for the Championships or a Cross Country Schooling

then here is a summary of activities for 2021 that need volunteers and who to contact to sign up!


ESDCTA Recognized Volunteer Activities – Activities that can be used toward the 6 Hours Required for a Year-End Award, or for the 4 Hours Required for a Grant:

  • Memorial Day, Summer Days, and Championship & Open Dressage Shows – hours volunteered
    • Volunteer coordinator, set-up, scribe, ring steward, warm-up steward, bit check, runner, scoring, awards, stable manager, tear-down
  • XC Schooling at HPNJ – hours volunteered
    • Check in, out-rider or back field monitor
  • Horse Trials – hours volunteered
    • Volunteer coordinator, dressage ring set-up, stadium jump set-up, xc decorators, scribes, ring stewards, warm-up stewards for D, SJ, XC, bit check, runners, xc score collectors, scoring, cross country jump judges, timers, stadium jump crew
  • Turkey Trot – hours volunteered
    • Course marking, check-in, course monitors, course unmarking
  • Article for the Newsletter – 2 hours for each article
  • Organize a clinic – hours approved by the Board
  • Board Position – 12+/- hours, hours approved by the Board
  • Committee member (non-board member) – hours approved by committee Chair
  • Individual Activity (non-board member) – hours approved by the Board
    • Newsletter, Nominating, Show Results, Order Ribbons & Trophies, others
  • Awards Banquet/Silent Auction help (except time required for a grant) – hours volunteered
  • Recruit new members – 1 hour for each
    • Each new person or past member who hasn’t renewed in two years

ESDCTA Registered Volunteer Activities – Hours can be used toward Remaining Hours Required for a Year-End Award or Grant:

  • Volunteer at any ESDCTA Registered Show (shows listed in the Calendar) – Hours Volunteered, approved by the Show Secretary or Organizer

Additional Information:

  • If you cannot complete your volunteer requirements, we offer a volunteer hour buy-in program for $10/hour which can be used as ESDCTA Recognized hours for Year-End Awards.  Click here for Buyout info
  • Friends and family or other members that volunteer at an ESDCTA Recognized event can gift their hours to the member who is applying for a year-end award or Grant.

For our dressage shows, Click here to fill out a quick sign up form!





Memorial Weekend Dressage Horse Park of New Jersey  TBD
ESDCTA X-C Schooling Horse Park of New Jersey  TBD
Summer Days Dressage 1 and 2 USET Headquarters  TBD
ESDCTA X-C Schooling Horse Park of New Jersey TBD
ESDCTA NJ Horse Trials Horse Park of New Jersey Sept 25-26 Carey Williams
ESDCTA Dressage Schooling Show and Championships Horse Park of New Jersey  TBD
The Turkey Trot Horse Park of New Jersey Nov 21 Gary Maholic
Work on any committee/event or
Educational activity
Variable throughout the year Appropriate committee chair