Volunteer Program

IMG_20170430_144857_321The success of any ESDCTA event is dependent upon the members and non-members who work as volunteers for many hours. We want everyone to know how much we appreciate this effort and how very special we think you are. Thank You!

Volunteer requirements for Year-End Awards, Medals, ESDCTA-sponsored teams and grants are listed in the Omnibus on the respective pages for those topics.

Click here for a list of volunteer opportunities

ESDCTA Volunteers:

Whenever a member provides volunteer hours at ESDCTA-run shows, they will be treated as a VIP and provided with:

  1. An assignment based on their preference and experience and the activity’s needs
  2. Food, drinks and breaks
  3. Volunteer hours for the amount of time worked or Volunteer Bucks as described below
  4. Volunteer hours for pre-show setup and post-show take down at double value
  5. Year-end Volunteer Recognition Awards, awarded at the Annual Awards Banquet, for
    • Volunteer of the Year for Dressage
    • Volunteer of the Year for Eventing

Volunteer “Bucks”

Many members do volunteer work for more hours than the amount needed for their own year-end award requirements. The Volunteer Bucks program was created as a way for members to choose between receiving volunteer hours or Volunteer Bucks for their time. Bucks are earned based on the number of hours worked:

  • 4 hours of volunteer time = $10 in Bucks certificates
  • 8 hours of volunteer time = $20 in Bucks certificates

Using Volunteer Bucks to Purchase Logowear

Volunteer bucks can now be used at our online Logowear Store!  You can use your volunteer bucks in increments of $25 to purchase items in our Logowear Store.

For details on how to redeem volunteer bucks for logo wear, visit the page “How to Redeem Volunteer bucks at the Logowear Store

How the Volunteer Bucks Program Works:

Volunteer Bucks can be earned at the following ESDCTA activities:

  • ESDCTA’S Cross Country Schooling Days
  • Memorial Day Weekend Show
  • Summer Days 1 & 2 Dressage Show
  • ESDCTA Dressage Schooling Championships
  • ESDCTA Horse Trial Championships
  • ESDCTA’s New Jersey Horse Trials
  • Garden State Classic Dressage Show
  • Annual Awards Dinner Banquet and Silent Auction
  • Annual Turkey Trot
  • Any other ESDCTA-sponsored and/or organized education activity, or committee work
  • Volunteer Bucks certificates will be provided by the Volunteer Coordinator on the day that volunteer hours are worked.
  • To trade in volunteer hours earned at ESDCTA-run shows for Volunteer Bucks, please contact [email protected].
  • You may use the Bucks to pay the fees for any ESDCTA-sponsored clinic or lecture, ESDCTA Dressage Schooling Championships or Horse Trial Championships, and advertising in our Newsletter or the Omnibus.
  • The Bucks can be used to pay 50% towards the cost of dinners for the Awards banquet (no limit on the number of tickets).
  • When using Volunteer Bucks, include the certificate(s) along with your entry form, or order form, and check. Deduct the value of the Volunteer Bucks certificate(s) from the total cost due.
  • There is no limit to the amount of Volunteer Bucks a member may earn. There may be a limit on the amount of Volunteer Bucks that may be used for an activity. Please check the information for that activity.
  • Volunteer Bucks certificates are valid for 3 years from the date they are issued.
  • Volunteer Bucks are NOT valid at shows, clinics, etc. that are not run by ESDCTA, even if these shows are registered with ESDCTA.

ESDCTA members’ relatives and friends who volunteer at ESDCTA shows may transfer their Volunteer Bucks (or volunteer hours) to an ESDCTA member.

Volunteer Bucks cannot be used towards entry fees for recognized shows nor for ESDCTA membership dues.

Volunteer hours earned at registered shows not run by ESDCTA cannot be changed into ESDCTA’s Volunteer Bucks.