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News from the New Jersey Equine Advisory Board 

September, 2013

Horses are “inherently vicious animals” is being debated in court in Conneticut. If this ruling is accepted, it could easily spread beyond Conneticut and may negate any insurance you have for liability.  For more information on the issue:http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201 162-57604371/are-horses-innately-vicious-conn-supreme-court-to-decide/
An issue that affects us all is the….Sales Tax on Horse Stalls. There was never a bill that DECIDED to tax stalls, some bureaucrat decided to CONSTRUE a stall as a taxable “storage unit”.  The NJ Farm Bureau feels that stalls should not be categorized as storage facilities.  They are arguing that this sales tax is eroding the competitiveness of the state’s equine industry.  PLEASE NOTE however, that there will still be sales tax on the function of boarding horses, just not on the stall fees.  This can only be corrected by legislative intervention. Assemblyman Ron Dancer, a horseman, has stepped forward to assist the horse industry in this matter.   Please contact Assemblyman Ron Dancer with your comments
Ron Dancer
405 Rte 539
Cream Ridge, NJ 08514
or2110 W. County Line Rd
Jackson, NJ 08527
or email to:
http://www.njleg.state.nj.us.us/members/bio.asp?Leg=352   then click on “contact your legislator”
The more letters, the better. Enough people need to contact Ron Dancer to urge him to get this reworded, rewritten or repealed concerning the stall tax.
Send a copy of your letter to Rick Sudam @ NJ Farm Bureau thanking them for their help on the issue.   Go to www.NJFB.org then to” contact us” page.

Pennsylvania residents – check out these links to the corresponding PA entities.
www.agriculture.state.pa.us/equine     and  www.pennsylvaniaequinecouncil.org