How to get your event listed on the ESDCTA Calendar

Contact the Activities/Calendar chair to get your events listed!

Calendar Listings Policy

1. All calendar events will be posted in a timely matter, but it may take up to 5 business days for them to be posted.
2. All organizers who have purchased (and paid for) an Omnibus page for their shows during the current calendar year may have a total of four additional calendar listings per year at no charge. Listings may include clinics, schooling days, fix-a-tests, lectures, demonstrations, or special competitions such as Applewood’s Modified Eventing day. All must be of interest to horse people and must take place at the organizer’s location (so, no calendar listings for XC schooling days with Marilyn Payne at the NJ Horse Park, for example). If anyone wants to list something that’s not covered by the above categories, that must be submitted to the board for approval long enough in advance to meet the posting deadline for the calendar.
3. Any organizer who meets the criteria in #2 and wants more than four free calendar listings annually will pay a fee of $10 per listing for each listing beyond the four free ones.
4. Any other farm or group that is an ESDCTA member but did not purchase an Omni page that calendar year must pay a fee of $10 per listing. No freebies. Acceptable activities for listings and deadlines remain the same.
5. Any individual, farm or group that is not an ESDCTA member and is also not in the current Omnibus must pay a fee of $25 per listing. Submissions from such individuals or groups must be submitted to the Marketing Committee chair or designee for approval. Acceptable topics and deadlines remain the same as above.
6. Anyone from an educational organization may submit a listing for free.  This would include Rutgers, Pony Club, other CTA’s/GMO’s, USDF/USEA/USEF, etc. Any ESDCTA member may submit suggestions to the Marketing Committee for other listings they believe are of value and they will decide whether to list them and what, if anything, to charge.
7. The calendar may be used for marketing purposes by sending it as a monthly email to our members, to anyone that signs up to be on the mailing list (via the website/Constant Contact) and/or to other websites.
8.  Payment must be received prior to posting any calendar items.