ESDCTA offers two Education Grants and one Youth Grant for our membership.


ESDCTA offers Educational Grants to the membership as a unique opportunity for members who actively support the organization.  The program seeks to help qualified members take advantage of specific opportunities for advancement with the understanding that the membership will benefit as a result of the shared knowledge and experience.  ESDCTA does not accept or reject an application based on riding skill, horse ownership or specific use of the funds.

The Education Grant Program is open to Juniors, Seniors, Adult Amateurs and Professionals, and is funded from the proceeds of the Silent Auction held at the Annual Awards Banquet.  An annual budget is established for the program, and the Grants Committee can award up to the stated amount.  Click the links below to see the requirements/qualifications for each award.

ESDCTA Education Grant

Lazelle Knocke Dom Perignon Grant


ESDCTA’s Educational Grant Program offers funding to attend Lendon’s Youth Dressage Festival (LYDF) for both Dressage and Eventing riders, usually scheduled in mid-July at the Hits-On-Hudson showgrounds located in Saugerties, NY.

LYDF is the flagship event of Dressage4Kids, Inc ( whose mission is to “encourage all riders to become true horsemen with correct position, competitive skills and knowledge of all aspects of riding and horse care; to offer scholarships to enable competitors to further their education; and to have fun and develop good sportsmanship throughout”.  ESDCTA believes it’s youth program dovetails with that of Dressage4Kids and, in an effort to encourage our youth members to participate in the Festival, ESDCTA sponsors teams when possible.  Click the link below to see the requirements/qualifications for this grant.

LYDF Grant