ESDCTA Eventing Championships

Date: September 30, 2018
Location: Horse Park of New Jersey, Allentown, NJ

Starting in 2014, the competition has returned to run during the NJ Horse Trials.  We’ve made this change and separated the competition from the Dressage Championships date to allow those people that wanted to compete in both dressage and eventing championships the opportunity to do so.

Use a USEA Entry Form to enter or enter online via Be sure to specify the show in which you qualified.

Divisions and Dressage Tests Required for Qualifying

Beginner Novice – 2’7″ Horse Trials (dressage test qualifier BN – A or B)
Novice – 2’11” Horse Trials (dressage test qualifier Novice – A or B)
Training – 3’3″ Horse Trials (dressage test qualifier Training – A or B)

Eligibility Rule and Qualifying Criteria

The Horse Trials Championship is open to ESDCTA members who have earned a qualifying score during the qualifying period of August 20, 2017 to August 20, 2018. Membership in ESDCTA is required at the time the score is earned. Eligible members must be “in good standing” prior to the Championship Horse Trial. Any member not “in good standing” will not be eligible to ride in the championship show.


Mandatory awards ceremony for all championship participants. Prize will be awarded to the Champion. Champion and Reserve ribbons will be awarded in all divisions along with ribbons through eighth place.

Qualifying Shows

Any ESDCTA registered USEA or schooling Event/Horse Trials published in the ESDCTA Omnibus or advertised in the ESDCTA newsletter, or a USEA recognized Horse Trials.

Qualifying scores

Must be earned as a horse/rider combination. No substitutions allowed at show. It is not required that the horse/rider combination achieve a certain rank in the class (i.e., first, second, etc.); a maximum final penalty score of 50.0 at any level will be considered a qualifying score.

Championship Horse Trial Divisions

Dressage tests to be ridden at championships:

Beginner Novice – 2’7″; Dressage test – 2018 Beginner Novice Test B
Novice – 2’11”; Dressage test – 2018 Novice Test B
Training – 3’3″; Dressage test – 2018 Training Test B

Other Guidelines

  • A horse/rider combination may compete at only one level in the championships.
  • No whips allowed in the dressage ring in accordance with USEA championship rules and test must be ridden from memory.
  • Classes may be divided based on rider age (Jr/YR and/or Senior), if entries warrant.

Click here to view the NJ Horse Trials / ESDCTA Eventing Championships Prize List .