ESDCTA Dressage Championships – Rules and Eligibility

Date: October 7, 2018
Location: Horse Park of New Jersey

Use the current ESDCTA Schooling Show/Clinic Entry forms only! Include your ESDCTA member number on the form. USEF official entry forms will not be accepted. ESDCTA entry forms can be downloaded here.

Addititional show information / prizelist / ride times / stabling / results

Eligibility Rule

The Dressage Championships are open to ESDCTA members who have earned a qualifying score during the qualifying period. Membership in ESDCTA is required at the time the score is earned and said members must be “in good standing” when these qualifying scores are earned in order for them to count as qualifying scores. Any member not “in good standing” will not be eligible to ride in the championship show.

Qualifying period

From August 17, 2017 to September 22, 2018

Qualifying shows

Any ESDCTA registered show published in the ESDCTA’s Omnibus or advertised in the ESDCTA newsletter, Collective Remarks.

Qualifying scores

  • Must be earned as a horse/rider combination.
  • The same qualifying scores apply for both juniors and adults.
  • It is NOT required that the horse/rider combination achieve a certain rank in the class (i.e., first, second, etc.), only that the minimum percentage score be earned.
  • The Starter Division (W/T and W/T/C) will be open to riders who have not ridden above Training Level Test 2 prior to 2011 or above Training Level Test 1 beginning in 2011.
  • Qualifying scores per level:
USDF Intro A or B 60% Third Level Test 2 or 3 58%
USDF Intro C or Training Level 1 60% Fourth Level Test 2 or 3 58%
Training Level Test 2 or 3 60% FEI and FEI MFS 58%
First Level Test 2 or 3 60% USDF Musical Freestyle 60%
Second Level Test 2 or 3 60% Dressage Seat Equitation 68%

DRESSAGE SEAT EQUITATION: Riders can qualify for the DSE Championship class in 2 ways:

Riders who have qualified for the championships at any level (Intro C and above) are automatically qualified to enter the Dressage Seat Equitation Championship class OR by obtaining a 68% or higher in a DSE class during the qualifying season.

Horse/Rider Guidelines

  • A horse and rider qualify as a combination. No substitutions of horse or rider will be allowed at the show.
  • EXCEPTION Dressage Seat Equitation – It is not required that the rider use the same horse on which they received their qualifying score. A horse may be used in a DSE class as a 4th class for the day.
  • A horse/rider combination may compete at only one level in the championships.
  • Championships will follow the USEF Rule stating, “A horse may be ridden in no more than 3 classes per day. Exception: a horse may be used in a DSE class as a 4th class for the day”.
  • First Place Winning horse/rider teams will be ineligible to compete at the same or lower levels in succeeding years. Exception: FEI and FEI MFS, Grand Prix, GP MFS.
  • The Dressage Championships will be conducted according to USEF rules. No whips are allowed and tests must be ridden from memory. Exception: The gate at “A” will remain open.
  • Time interval between rides: DR 126.1 (b,5) “In order to facilitate show scheduling considerations, management reserves the right to shorten the time interval between competitor rides for those competitors entering multiple classes or riding multiple horses”.

Class Categories

  • Classes will be divided into 3 Divisions on the Prize List: Divisions 1 and 2 are designated for riders who have NOT ridden above 2nd level. Division 3 is designated for riders who have ridden at 3rd level and above. Classes will additionally be divided by Junior/Adult as entries warrant.
  • Starter riders, entering either W/T and W/T/C classes, are those who have never ridden above Training Level Test 2 during 2010 or before, and, starting in 2011, who have never ridden above 2011 Training Level Test 1.
  • FEI classes and MFS classes may be combined as Test of Choice at the discretion of Management.

2018 Show Manager:
Lisa Toaldo

phone:  201-874-0373 / 570-491-5147