Dressage Championships & Open Schooling Show Prizelist

Oct 17, 2020

Horse Park of New Jersey

** Use separate entry forms for each show, please!

Final Ride Times:

Day Sheets- Final Rev 2020-10-15_a

Ride Times – Final Rev 2020-10-15_a



  1. Masks are to be worn at all times by everyone when not mounted.
  2. Temps will be taken at the office when picking up packets. Only 1 person in the office at a time. Please wait outside the office with the proper social distancing when waiting. All fees must be paid in full.
  3. Check in on Friday will not be before 12 noon, and the rings will be available for schooling after 1 – no exceptions please. The warm up arena is available before 1pm.
  4. A NJ Horse Park waiver is required by EVERYONE ON THE GROUNDS, and must be signed.  Most of you have done this – thank you! 

5.There will be no food available or farrier services. Please make the appropriate arrangements with your own farrier. There will be no outside vendors.  Bring any food and drink items you require with you. 

  1. Please use social distancing at the barns; be considerate of others; masks must be worn EVERYWHERE. 
  2. Ribbons will be on a table outside the office. If it rains, ribbons and tests will be under the pavilion. You will be responsible to put the ribbons on your horse and be mounted and ready if you want to have a victory lap. This year we are not requiring your participation in the awards ceremony. Your class will be called with a follow up courtesy call over the loudspeaker; you must show up by the main ring ready to ride if you want to participate. Stacey Lynn Wendkos will be available for photos. No other calls will be made for awards at the rings.
  3. Award times will be posted the day of the show at the show office.
  4. Again, PLEASE keep social distancing rules and wear your mask.

Kari Allen, L
Stephanie Burgess, L
Anne Moss, R

Show Manager:
Dr. Lisa Toaldo
email: dentist2.lt@gmail.com
phone:  201-874-0373 / 491-228-1921

Shannon Bossung;
email:  sgp588@hotmail.com
138 Red Bud Loop
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425
Phone 703-431-5663

Click here for the full prize list (revised_2020_09_14)

Use ESDCTA Entry Form – see Forms Page