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2021 Results are now posted!

October 16, 2021 at the Horse Park of New Jersey

Use the current ESDCTA Schooling Show/Clinic Entry forms only! Include your ESDCTA member number on the form. USEF official entry forms will not be accepted. ESDCTA entry forms can be downloaded here.

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Qualifying scores per level:

USDF Intro A or B 60% Third Level Test 2 or 3 58%
USDF Intro C or Training Level 1 60% Fourth Level Test 2 or 3 58%
Training Level Test 2 or 3 60% FEI and FEI MFS 58%
First Level Test 2 or 3 60% USDF Musical Freestyle 60%
Second Level Test 2 or 3 60% Dressage Seat Equitation 68%



All levels 60% . .

DRESSAGE SEAT EQUITATION:  Riders can qualify for the DSE Championship class in 2 ways:

Riders who have qualified for the championships at any level (Intro C and above) are automatically qualified to enter the Dressage Seat Equitation Championship class OR by obtaining a 68% or higher in a DSE class during the qualifying season.
COMBINED TRAINING If you rode a USDF (not USEA) test in Combined Training and have not shown above Training Test 2 dressage or Beginner Novice, you may use Intro A, B, C and Training 1 tests to qualify for Championships. (Note: does not apply to year end awards.)

Horse/Rider Guidelines

  • A horse and rider qualify as a combination. No substitutions of horse or rider will be allowed at the show.
    • EXCEPTION Dressage Seat Equitation – It is not required that the rider use the same horse on which they received their qualifying score. A horse may be used in a DSE class as a 4th class for the day.
  • A horse/rider combination may compete at only one level in the championships.
  • Championships will follow the USEF Rule stating, “A horse may be ridden in no more than 3 classes per day. EXCEPTION: a horse may be used in a DSE class as a 4th class for the day”.
  • First Place Winning horse/rider teams will be ineligible to compete at the same or lower levels in succeeding years. Exception: FEI and FEI MFS, Grand Prix, GP MFS.

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