Eventing Year End Awards Rules

(revised 3/3/2019)

Applicants must submit a COMPLETED ESDCTA EVENTING Score Record Form, Volunteer Forms and the correct amount of test copies, per award, to be eligible for Year End Awards!

The following information is for both Combined Test Awards and Horse Trial Awards

  • Age for riders for year end awards – Youth through their 21st year, Senior from then on.
  • Competition year runs from November 1st through October 31st.
  • You must have been an ESDCTA member in good standing at the time your scores were earned and when you apply for an Eventing Year-End Award.
  • Scores earned at USEA or ESDCTA registered events may be used toward Eventing Year-End Awards. USEA registered events are published in the USEA Omnibus. ESDCTA registered events are published in the ESDCTA Omnibus or the ESDCTA newsletter.
  • Applications for Eventing Year-End Awards must be received by the Awards Chairperson as listed in the newsletter postmarked no later than November 15th.
  • Applications postmarked after November 15th will not be accepted and will be returned.
  • Eventing High Score Awards will be presented at the ESDCTA Annual Awards Banquet.
  • Questions regarding ambiguity of rules must be brought to the attention of the Board Members by July 1st of the current show year to allow the Board time to discuss the situation.

Horse and Rider Eligibility

  • The same horse and rider combination must be maintained to apply for an Eventing Year-End Award in either the Combined Test category or the Horse Trial category.
  • The same horse and rider combination must complete three (3) horse trials or three (3) combined tests at the level for which they are applying for an Eventing Year-End Award.
  • The three horse trials or three combined tests must have been ridden within the current show year.
  • Once a horse and rider combination has won a First Place Eventing Year-End Award in either category (Horse Trials or Combined Tests), that combination of horse and rider may not apply for an award in that category at the same level the following year, but may apply after a lapse of one year.

Volunteer Requirements

  • Applicants for an Eventing Year-End Award must have completed volunteer time for each award they apply for, except for the Masters Recognition Award.

Eight (8) hours of volunteering are required for each award applied for. For your first award, Six (6) hours must be at ESDCTA organized shows and activities.  There are many activities during the year.  If you need to find something, reach out to one of your Members At Large for assistance.  After the first 6 hours, the remaining 2 hours and any hours required for additional awards can be earned at an ESDCTA organized show, or an ESDCTA registered show.

Volunteer time must be from the current show season, to be earned between November 1st and October 31st of the year you are applying for an Eventing Year-End Award, unless you participated in an activity with designated carryover status in 2021 and did not use them in 2021: ESDCTA Dressage Championships, ESDCTA Horse Trials, Turkey Trot.

  • Volunteer time can be earned at: ESDCTA registered shows, horse trials, ESDCTA sponsored clinics, lectures, or special projects/events and committee work.
  • Volunteer hours are cumulative throughout the show season and need not be earned at one show or while performing one activity.
  • Volunteer time being applied to Eventing Year-End Awards cannot be applied toward ESDCTA Medals, Dressage Year-End High Score Awards or to fulfill volunteer requirements for Team, Grants or Scholarships.
  • Volunteer hours are transferable.
  • Volunteer hours can be earned by people who are not ESDCTA members and can be transferred to an ESDCTA member.
  • Volunteer forms must be signed by the show manager and include your name, ESDCTA  number, show or activity name and date.

If for some reason, you are unable to fulfil your volunteer requirement, ESDCTA offers a “buyout” program.  For each hour needed to fulfill the requirement, you may buy the additional hour(s) at a rate of $10/hour (payable to ESDCTA, Inc.), Payment must be received by the awards chairperson within the volunteer requirement window (by October 31).

Click here to go to the buyout page

Determining Awards

  • Awards are determined by the median score – please submit your best 3 scores only.
  • Applicants must complete a minimum of three (3) horse trials or three (3) combined tests at the same level.
  • If there are six (6) or more applicants for a level, the level will be divided by Junior and Senior.
  • Ties will not be broken.

Application Requirements for Both Horse Trials and Combined Tests Year-End High Score Awards

  • Complete an ESDCTA Eventing Year-End Score Record Form to include:
    • Personal information
    • ESDCTA number as found on your newsletter label
    • Award category – Combined Tests or Horse Trials and also check whether Jr/YR or Sr
    • Level for which you are applying
      • Combined Tests awards are offered from Pre-Starter through Preliminary
      • Horse Trials awards are offered from Starter through Advanced.
      • Starter level must be 2’3″ fences with a W/T/C dressage test (some places call that level different things and this is consistent with what USEA classifies as starter)
      • Pre-Starter includes any jump height lower than the defined starter division (i.e. cross rails through 2′ are included in pre-starter)
    • Amateurs – indicate if you are also applying for a Masters Recognition Award
  • List required number of scores
  • One form per horse and rider combination
  • Include a volunteer form indicating a minimum of eight (8) hours of volunteer time
  • Include a copy of the dressage test for each score you are using toward an Eventing Year-End Award. Copy to include the following information:
    • Name and date of show
    • Rider and horse name
    • Dressage score plus penalties and final score.
  • If you have misplaced a dressage test, it is your responsibility to obtain from the show secretary written confirmation that you did, in fact, ride in that event.
    • This written confirmation must include: show name, date, rider name, horse name, level ridden, dressage test ridden, judge for your dressage test, dressage score and final score.
    • This written confirmation must also include the show secretary’s name and phone number or email address.
    • If you cannot obtain this written confirmation, the score may not be used on your year-end award submission.
    • A printout from the USEA indicating final score is also acceptable only if other information is not available.
  • You may email or mail your award submissions.
  • Do not send originals – send only photocopies.
  • Use only one form per horse and rider combination.
  • Each award submission is to have complete photocopies required attached.
  • Do not send “signature required” if using Fed Ex, UPS Overnight, or Express Mail. Check the box on form “NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED”, or use regular or priority mail.
  • Mail completed forms to the Awards Chairperson as listed in the newsletter, postmarked no later than November 15th.

Direct all questions and completed applications to the Awards Chairperson as listed in the newsletter. Applications must be postmarked no later than November 15th.