Fiona Baan Memorial Trophy

Fiona Baan dedicated over 30 years to the USET, working to raise the quality of US dressage to that of international levels.  She was USEF Director of Dressage, Driving and Eventing, a USEF “I” Judge, a US Dressage Team Leader for the 1976 and 1992 Olympic Games, 1987 Pam Am Games and 1991 World Championships and is known for her work in developing the Young Rider Program.  In December 2008, Bann was inducted into the Roemer Foundation/USDF Hall of Fame.    Donated in 1994, this magnificent cut glass bowl was initially awarded at the Gladstone Dressage Team Trials to the club with the highest average score; as of 2000 it is awarded as an individual’s high score award.

Criteria: Grand Prix High Score, No Dressage Seat Equitation, No Musical

1994   NEDA
1995   ESDCTA
1996   MHDCTA
1997   ESDCTA
1998   NEDA
1999   NEDA
2000   Mary Alice Malone / Contango
2001   Eleanor Rawle / Duell Anastasia
2002   Dr. Cesar Parra / PF Robinson
2003   Michael Barison / Neruda
2004   Caroline Stearns / Just Saber
2005   Stephanie Alvord / Dreamboy
2006   Unknown
2007   Donna Young-Canfield / Adel Arikka
2008   Christopher Hickey / Regent
2009   Nadine Schlonsok / Ikaros
2010   Tom Noone / Incognito
2011   Susanne Hassler / Harmony’s Baroncelli
2012   Award NotPresented
2013   Award Not Presented
2014   Award Not Presented
2015   Hans Dressler / Icarus
2016   Marne Martin-Tucker / Royal Coeur
2017   Lisa Basselini / Soberano Do Fuchal
2018   Beth Sproule-Hansen / Liberty