Eastern Arabian Perpetual Trophy

This trophy was donated to recognize the achievement of the elegant Arabian and Half-Arabian horse. This Eastern breed is well known for arched necks, high tail carriage, loyalty, stamina and intelligence. It is said that the Arabian horse has influenced, directly or indirectly, all other breeds of horses. Unfortunately, the original trophy and information about this trophy had been lost so the records are incomplete.

Criteria:  All Level High Score, Arabian or Half-Arabian Breed, No Dressage Seat Equitation, No Musical Freestyle

2008   Laura Killian / Kirashana
2009   Angelia Bean / BR Danny’s Secret
2010   Holly Schnader / Darkcyde of the Moon ++++ / /
2011   Ciara Danese / Trueblue Goldmine
2012   Kara Somerville / Psymbad VF
2013   Award Not Presented
2014   Kara Somerville / Psymbad VF
2015  Renee Roberts / Calm In The Storm
2016   Lannah Smith / Becca
2017   Angelia Bean / BR Danny’s Secret
2018   Angelia Bean / BR Danny’s Secret