Get the Scoop on Poop! Horses in the Morning Podcast

Drs. Mike Fugaro and Mike Westendorf recently appeared on “Horses in the Morning,” a light, lively, and entertaining daily look at the horse world and the people in it!  

You can check out the podcast on your computer or your mobile and tablet devices.  


Dr. Fugaro is an equine veterinarian, professor, and adjunct professor at Centenary College and Rutgers University, respectively. He talked about Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM), what it is, how to diagnosis it, and the controversy on treating it.


Dr. Westendorf is the Center’s expert on manure management.  Learn how to effectively use your horse’s manure to your advantage by composting and much more. Get the Scoop on Poop by reading the latest manure fact sheets on their website.


The entire show is entertaining! To hear Mike & Mike’s back-to-back segments, tune in to time point 15:05.


Equine Science Center expert faculty and staff will be featured live at 9:30 a.m. EST every 4th Wednesday of the month.  Be sure to listen in!