Gary Rockwell Clinic 2017

**NOTE:  Auditing portion of the clinic has been canceled! **

One of just four 5 star judges in the USA (Linda Zang, Janet Foy and Anne Gribbons) Gary Rockwell has judged the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, and the London games in 2012.  A former member of the United States Equestrian Team, Gary Rockwell represented the U.S. in competitions throughout Europe. He and his Danish mare “Suna” won a team silver medal at CHIO Rotterdam in 1993 and a team bronze at the 1994 World Championships at The Hague, Netherlands. Gary works with all levels of riders and everyone is encouraged to attend this event as rider or as auditor! As a member of the USDF “L” Faculty, Gary has much to share with the auditors to provide an educational and rewarding experience.

$290  ESDCTA Member
$390   Non-member

Pre-registered    Walk-in
ESDCTA Member            $50                 $60
Non-member                    $75                  $85

Auditor Form

Interested riders:

  • Must complete a “Rider Application Form” and submit a current riding video  on the horse they will ride in the clinic. Riders will be chosen by a selection committee.
  • Combinations will not be chosen on their ability to be “perfect” at their level. They will be  chosen by their ability to display common training/riding issues found at the level they are applying to ride.
  • Dependent on the applications received, the committee will select horse/rider combinations  so that all levels (Training through Grand Prix) are represented.
  • Dependent on the applications received, the committee will select a broad range of riders  (AA, Pros, Jr/Yr), and horses (Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Arabians,  crossbreds, etc) so that auditors can see a variety of issues.

Rider Application deadline is July 10
Riders will be notified by July 20
No refund after July 15, unless your spot can be filled.


Dr. Lisa Toaldo Dressage Competitions Chair

Interested in volunteering?
Volunteers receive lunch and free auditing.
Please contact Dr. Lisa Toaldo