This is my first time on the new website – how do I login and renew my membership?

ESDCTA has just released a new membership module (Feb, 2019).  This new module greatly simplifies the management of your membership and addresses the bugs in the old system.  In order to manage your membership, you will need to login.  The email address that we have on file for you will be your username.  Since this is the first time that logged in on the new website, you will need to reset your password.   You will be prompted to enter your email address.  You will receive an email in a few minutes with a link to reset your password.  Note that if we don’t have your current email address, you will need to contact our membership team and they will be happy to update it for you.

Once you reset your password and login, you can click on the “Join/Renew ESDCTA” button and you will be taken to the membership home page.

Select the membership level that you want to renew at and click next.  You’ll be asked to enter your credit card information and you will be renewed!

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