How is my membership fee spent?

First: USDF member fees

  • $20 for every member is sent to USDF to sign you up as a USDF Group Member. This entitles you to many USDF GM Benefits.

Second: Communication with the membership

  • $22 – 25 per member is spent to print and mail our monthly newsletter. Additional communication fees include the website domain and Constant Contact subscription.

These first 2 fees account for approximately $45 – $50 from each member’s fee. Based on an average membership of 700, this leaves a balance of approximately $5 – $10 per member or about $3500 – $5000 from the typical $55 membership fee for the balance of managerial expenses.

Broadly these expenses include ($ amounts vary from year to year):

  • $7,500 for administrative expenses including directors insurance, liability insurance, accounting services and organization registration fees
  • $3000 for marketing and advertising activities
  • $3000 for participation in USEF, USDF, USEA national and regional meetings
  • $10,000 for Year End Awards program, covering awards and ribbons
  • $3000 +/- to sponsor ESDCTA Youth and Adult Teams
  • $1500 +/- to repair show equipment like dressage rings, judges booths and x-c jumps. This does not include the replacement cost of equipment that is beyond repair or needed to expand our inventory.
  • In an effort to “give back”, the board also tries to have some money available to donate to other worthy not-for-profits

It’s easy to see that membership income pays for only a fraction of the actual costs of running such a large organization.

This is why it’s so important for our other events, like horse shows, fundraisers and sponsorship campaigns, to be supported by our members, so we have the financial stability to continue quality programs.

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