Volunteer Requirements – Dressage

Volunteer Requirements for Year End Awards

  • Each Year-End Award requires eight (8) hours of volunteer time.
    • High Score Award – 8 hours per award
    • Dressage Medal – 8 hours per medal
    • Achievement Ribbon – 8 hours per ribbon
  • Exception – If you are applying for a High-Score Award and are eligible for a Masters Recognition Award, you do not need an additional eight (8) hours of volunteer time.
  • Volunteer time must be from the current show season and be earned between November 1st and October 31st of the year for which you are applying for a Year-End Award.
  • Volunteer time can only be earned at ESDCTA registered shows and horse trials, ESDCTA shows, ESDCTA sponsored clinics, lectures, special projects, events and committee work.
  • Volunteer hours are cumulative throughout the show season and need not be earned at one show or while performing one activity.
  • Volunteer time already being applied to High Score Awards cannot be applied towards Dressage Medals or to fulfill volunteer requirements for Teams, Grants or Scholarships.
  • Volunteer hours are transferable. Volunteer hours can be earned by people who are not ESDCTA members and can be transferred to an ESDCTA member.
  • Volunteer forms must be signed by the show manager/secretary and include your name, your ESDCTA number, the activity name and date.

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